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What is the process time for any Custom Canopy Tent?
After you paid the required 50% deposit and the design is accepted and signed, production usually takes 8 to 12 business days. When completed, your project will be shipped to you. Depending on your area, shipping may take 2 to 6 days considering that our main warehouse is in the province of Quebec and your project will be shipped from there.  There is always a possibility to use express shipping for the awning when it is ready. When using express, the frame will be shipped first thru regular shipping service and then the awning.

More details can be found on our Shipping Page
I already have my frame, will the awning fit?

Even though the frames from one provider to another may seem the same, there are always few differences.

We cannot guarantee that our top awning will fit your frame. If the frame was bought from us in the past, then yes it will still fit as our frames models never changed.

Do you work with resellers?
The answer is: Absolutely! Please visit our Reseller's Page for more details.
Can Custom Tent Canada design my project?

Absolutely! Even though the templates are available for you to download and use for your design, this is not an obligation. We can definitely help you out. After your order is confirmed, we will contact you to discuss your project and design. After we receive your logo and design requirements we will start the creation and make adjustments until your full satisfaction. (Fee may apply).

I want to provide my logo or design,... what should I know?
All files should be uploaded through our Portal. Make sure to have your order number on hand. Concerning logos, they have to be vectorized, use only CNYK colors and saved into AI, PDF or EPS file. For pictures, make sure they are supplied at 100 dpi at finished size..